New SEO Strategies In 2010

As year 2010 pass-by, businesses and companies involved in online marketing look out for new trends in Search Engine Optimization in order to gear up self business online. All business owners look out to track back maximum traffic online through SEO services. Advancements are observed and appreciated by all users in all sections of business. SEO advancements too were expected in the year 2010 by all its users. There has been a higher contribution of SEO marketing in this year so far and it is bound to increase further. Now it’s time to apply all new trends in SEO that has emerged with success in the year 2010.

Site Speed

Site speed is considered to be one of the latest trends used in new SEO rankings for 2010 year. Search engines aim at helping the viewers in searching required data as quickly as possible. Site speed determines how quickly the site loads.

Mobile rankings

Search engine Google has come up with a new trend in SEO through mobile search services. Google mobile search services are linked up with three features, search by voice, by location, and search by sight. Voice search is linked with voice recognition services, location search is connected with Google maps and sight search is associated with Google Goggles. Search by sight through Google Goggles is like an image search appliance that enables users to search for any object or business through an image, instead of text.

Online video

Previous year was dominated by a search engine namely YouTube and this year too its dominance is continued. Videos are used to increase business site rankings through SEO.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing has definitely been one of the biggest SEO contributors around the year 2010 and remains to gear up for more. Availing links from any social media websites whether blogs, micro blogs, forums, content, daily status, or anything, as long as it is SEO friendly it is effective. Gaining on-page links, from communities and others has been in profits. Businesses performed social marketing on social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tagged, Linked-In, MySpace, and others.

Back Links

Back links generated from low PR sites proved to be effective this year. Back links directly points out at directory submissions, link exchange, link farms and others.

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