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Google SEO refers to the process of altering a website in order to get better results in search engines. It is basically optimizing the website in such a way that more traffic is created from all over, leading to more sales for the webmaster. Google is considered the most searched search engine beating its competitors by far. Its popularity can be seen from the fact that almost 90% of searches over the internet are done through Google due to its simple design.

The first stop for any one who is looking to get their site known over the internet is Google webmaster tools. It is free and Google does not charge anything for it. This is basically the one stop shop for webmasters in order to get detailed reports about their visibility on Google. The Google SEO webmaster tool basically alerts you if there is a possible error on the webpage and also tells if the pages are indexed. It also gives you details information on search terms and allows you to submit a site map.

This webmaster tool basically helps to increase the visibility of your site in Google search results. It provides detailed reports regarding your pages visibility on Google and sees how your site is performing in the search results. The Google webmaster tool helps you to build a Google friendly site and troubleshoots potential problems. This tool is useful for anyone with a website be it blogger, any IT company be it small or big and government websites as well.

Google SEO webmaster tool helps you to know which pages on your site drives traffic to the most links and which keyword searches drive the most traffic. With it one will be able to see the site as Google sees it, if Google has any problem regarding accessing any of the pages on the website, it will inform the client. You can build a Google friendly site by accessing Google Tools and following easy to follow instructions. The other important feature is that it has many tools including robots.txt analyzer tool which make sure one is not accidentally blocking Googlebot from crawling your website. It also has a dedicated help center which provides guidelines on creating the best site possible. Google webmaster tools is a great addition to your SEO arsenal and if used correctly will enhance many aspects of your campaign, enabling you to draw in vast amounts of traffic to your site.

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The Basics Of Google Seo

Everybody wants a place sat proudly at the top of Google so much so that they try all kinds of methods to get there, however the only one that really works is google seo. Google search engine optimisation is basically implementing the webmaster guidelines and trying to make you site content as spider friendly as possible.

Over the past 5 years Google has become more and more focused on off page seo factors, as far as their ranking system is concerned and this means they give less weight to your actual site content and more weight to how popular you are within the sites on their index. In this article I want to take the time to give you some basic google seo factors so that you can start to optimise your pages for the

Off page factors relates to getting links and the quality and quantity of those links is going to be a massive determining factor in how close you get to the top of the serps. So what makes a quality in bound link as far as google seo is concerned?

The first aspect of your link simply relates to relevance, how relevant is the page linking back to your site? Is the page url, title, heading and body content relative to your webpage? If not google will hardly notice it and you will not get an increase in PageRank. Make sure your links are as relevant as possible, this is one of the main aspects of google seo.

The second aspect is ensuring your link is coming from a site with as high a PageRank as possible. I have mixed feelings about this as I have seen pages rank for competitive keywords and have links coming from paagerank 0 sites only. All I will say is the more high PR links you have the less low PR links you’ll need. Try and build up a mixture of both types.

The third aspect of google seo is making sure your links are anchored with your keyword text. Do not make the common webmaster mistake of linking back using your name or the classic “click here”. Doing this is an absolute waste of a link. If you are selling cars link back using text like “used cars sale” or “car finance”, this will give your site relevance and keyword authority and is the most important aspect of google seo. One word of warning when using this method though, do not use the same anchor text every time. You need to use variations otherwise it will look like keyword manipulation and your site could be penalised.

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Google SEO Company Explains Why Businesses Should Be Involved in Social Media

BOULDER, COLORADO – When it comes to Internet marketing, one thing is certain- nothing stays the same.

Internet marketing continues to develop and evolve and currently it seems to have settled- at least temporarily- into three main areas: social media marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

This article discusses social media marketing, and the other two areas will be covered in two future articles. Social media is the term used to describe a variety of Web- and mobile-based tools designed for discussing and sharing information among users. It is becoming an increasingly powerful tool businesses can use to form relationships with new clients, and continue building rapport with current ones.

Social media actually isn’t about media, wrote Brian Anthony Hernandez, a Business News Daily staff writer recently. It revolves around relationships “and like a relationship, it takes heart, authenticity and work.”

There is a variety of social media outlets, but as of this article’s writing, two have risen above the masses: Twitter and Facebook.

In a nutshell, business owners need to have a Facebook account and a fan page for their business, said Master Google CEO Ali Husayni, a Google SEO expert. Having a Twitter account that posts automatically to a Facebook page is helpful, too.

“You want your friends to ‘like’ the page, and you need to regularly post useful information, videos and photos to it,” said Husayni, who offers SEO consulting services.

Social media achieves several goals that many businesses actively work to achieve. Jonathan Richman identified seven of them on Dose of Digital in his “The Seven Uses of Social Media in Business- The 7 Cs” post. They are:

8. Communicating
9. Cause support/sponsorship
10. Contests
11. Consumer research
12. Connecting others
13. Customer service
14. Community building

“These are things businesses work on every day, and social media makes doing these things faster and more simple,” Husayni says. “There are plenty social media sites that also have very detailed analytics available to assist businesses in determining ROI.”

It is true that businesses still get customers as a result of word of mouth and traditional advertising, but in comparison to what Google and social media have become, those methods are becoming less valuable, and traditional advertising has been less cost-effective for some time now.

Google has become more important as companies learn they must improve their organic SEO search results. Now more Internet marketing experts are looking into the kind of role social media will play in the SEO services they offer going forward.

“Social media definitely is becoming more usefulness to businesses,” Husayni said. “The rise of social media has prompted us to look into it in greater depth and consider if- and if so, how- we can help our clients use it to improve their site’s ranking in organic search results.”

Husayni said that while this isn’t uncharted territory, it’s still new territory for Internet marketing experts and as social media grows and changes, it will be interesting to see how businesses are able to best use it to their benefit.

About Master Google
Master Google is a search engine optimization firm based in Boulder, Colorado that utilizes knowledge of the Internet market and ongoing research to develop and implement SEO strategies for its clients. It is an affiliate of Sinai Marketing, founded by Ali Husayni in 2004. Husayni serves as the firm’s chief executive officer and SEO expert.

© 2011 Master Google. Authorization to post is granted, with the stipulation that Sinai Marketing is credited as sole source. Linking to other sites from this press release is strictly prohibited, with the exception of herein imbedded links.

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How to cope up with the latest SEO trends and algorithms

The world of SEO is very vast and it is very difficult to remain up-to-date with its trends. Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting web traffic from search engine results by affecting the visibility of a website. Well, you all are aware of the Google’s Penguin, Pandas and Hummingbird algorithms. It is very necessary to keep up with these latest trends. There is a necessity to understand the importance of these algorithms for the achievement and fulfillment of desired results. There is a new update every time whenever you try to focus on one algorithm. It seems a daunting procedure to cope up with the latest trends and services of search engine optimization. A professional company makes the learning process easier. It will help you understand the important concepts easily.

There are many components associated with the SEO that includes keywords, content, density, etc. These components has given rise to the understanding of working and functionality of search engines. Search engine algorithms keep changing with time, so it is necessary to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques which will help you get guaranteed results. The most significant aspect in learning current trends is choosing of the best company. It is very crucial to hire reputed companies for learning the concepts of new Google’s algorithms.

You can easily cope up with the latest marketing scenario by hiring a professional company for search engine optimization. A reputed company will deliver the best possible results to you and your organization. It would be beneficial for you to hire a professional company to yield optimal results. Hiring a professional company offers below benefits to the learners and the organization:-

* Optimum solutions and strategies
A professional reputable company provides customized solutions and best strategies to their clients. You can easily locate a company to learn SEO tactics on the internet. A reliable vendor will closely work with you to deeply understand your needs. A company follows a personalized approach to let a business get the desired ROI. The aim of the reliable companies is to provide the best knowledge so that a business moves consistently in future and achieve desired objectives and goals.

* Knowledge from a professional industry expert
Everyone is aware of the online realm, so knowledge from a professional expert will let you get quick insight of the areas of SEO and its algorithms. They can help you focus on the specific area of the market and yield proper results.

* Proper analysis and Results
A reputable company offers a wide range of analytic tools to their learners in order to let them understand the real time results. They will allow you to keep an eye on your effectively working campaigns. This analysis helps you focus on some special areas and make a major impact on the marketplace.

The above points will definitely help you get the best and reliable company for the learning of SEO algorithms and techniques.

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Tips for Mobile App Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, the core of the success for the app lies in marketing rather than the design or development of the app. A very simple (but well made) app that is cheap to make, but well marketed, could provide better return on investment than a more extensive (and expensive) app that has just been added to the Market.

App marketing requires a multi-faceted approach that is coordinated and coherent. You have to create a great app and consistently promote it through as many channels as possible for a shot at success in the app store ecosystem.

App marketing is an activity that starts even before the real marketing for the app could start. Right at the planning stage, one needs to get in the shoes of a marketer. In this paper we are going to cover the various opportunities for marketing that app developers can use and increase their ROI.

The Pre-Development Stage
The pre-development stage is the base from where you start your journey. It is said that well begun is half -done.

The first step we need is an idea that inspires us. If you yourself don’t have a strong belief of the idea, how would you spread the enthusiasm to other?

Think Novel and Think differently.
When one idea has already become successful, there is minimal chance that a clone too will repeat the success. Nobility, innovativeness and solutions to an existing problem have the best chances to succeed. Hence you should make sure that your app either solves an existing problem or if the problem has already been solved then provide an intuitive or unique solution.


2.Get the Right Team (The Dream Team)
Each actor who is part of your app development process- developer,designer and even the sales team need to be chosen with due diligence. Don’t wait until the last minute to find a developer. Start early and take our time to find the right person or firm. Otherwise it will cost you. Figuratively and literally.

3.User Interface and User Experience

Create a wow app, Everything else will fall into place. The war of apps is fought on user experience. Make sure that you are well prepared. Develop a small but solid app and launch it. Gather feedback. Once you know what the audience liked and yearn for, plan for phase two accordingly. When you focus on brilliant design, your product becomes your marketing.

Online Marketing Techniques

Online Marketing can help you reach to audience worldwide. With up to 100% of your target audience spending most of the time surfing the internet, an online presence and availability is a must have.

The main reason to have a website is to provide an easy way for the users to find you, learn about you and research about you. Even today, people search more on the web (For detail research) than on the phone; phones are majorly used for quick information.

There is ample chance that people will hear your app name and then Google it. Here they need to land on a page that makes them feel comfortable and create confidence to download and try the app. Remember you don’t need a giant website for your business, just a simple site that tells about you, your plans and how app works.


A successful viral video can help brands engage with consumers on a much larger scale than a TV ad, and is much cheaper to produce. Once the video is shared among hundreds and thousands of people,
it becomes “viral”. Viral videos are a great way of getting away from the interruption of pushing messages at people and instead using entertainment and an emotional connection to encourage consumers to pull your message to them.

Video Marketing

Blogging about your app is an efficient and effective way to enhance your profile. The blog should usually describe the overall experience behind creating the app and the enhancements you wish to do. It’s a way to communicate your ideas to your customers and engage them in your business. The followers on your blog are the ready market to reach out.

Turning Consumers to Brand Ambassadors.

Reward influencers
A small number of fans are responsible for a very large percentage of your traffic. These are your influencers, and should be recognized and rewarded for the every time they talk about your brand on any of the social networking sites.

Provide incentives
Every customer wants to feel special, and one way to make them feel special is to give them something exclusive. Bonus levels and reward points will act beneficial in this strategy.

Turn usage into a game
People love to compete and they love to win. That competitive, gaming instinct can drive consumers to share your content and bring lots of new folks back to you.

Let them co-create value
Giving fans the ability to choose which version of a product should be offered, or to vote for the discounts or special offers they want to receive, helps ensure they’ll share it.

Well these are just general Ideas for more details on your App marketing you can contact us or visit our website we will make a compelling digital strategy for your App.

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