Google SEO – Some On Page Tips

There are many on page tips when it comes to Google search engine optimisation or SEO, however one thing that is often overlooked is the need to create a lot of pages of content. You have to remember that Google loves content and the more pages of content you have the more keywords you can optimise for, the more optimised pages the more traffic you will get, quiet simple really.

There has been another theory put forward with regards to Google seo and that is the more pages you have the more favour you gain witht the search engines, this is based on the simple premise that more pages equal more value to the end user. This is why it is so important to have a solid page structure so that Google can find all your rich content.

When putting this content onto our pages there are some important factors to consider in terms of Google optimisation. This article is going to explore some on page tips to enhance your google optimisation and help rank your site higher for your main keywords.

The first place you should start with any page is by looking at the linking structure, can the page be found from your home page, how does it link, is there any part of the code restricting search spiders. Once you have gone through these basics you can then turn your attention to the more focused elements.

Once you have decided what keywords you are targeting it is time to input those keywords into your page, the first place to look is your title tag, use this to put the focus straight onto your main keyword phrase. Your title tag holds a lot of weight and is one of the main factors of optimisation, get this wrong and the rest of your page will suffer.

Next you must check that you content is organised correctly, this means your going to need to look at your headings and ensure they contain your main keywords. I would always use slight variations in my headings as you do not want the page to look like spam. Your h1 tag needs to contain your main keyword with you h2 and h3 containing your less focused versions. You should also look to add your variations to your content, between 5 and 7 percent is usual good practice.

If you have images on your page make sure you are making full use of the ALT attribute and just like the headings, use your images near the top of the page to target your main keywords. Google seo is all about content, but not just producing it, you must make sure it is as keyword focused as possible.

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