Google SEO – Some On Page Tips

There are many on page tips when it comes to Google search engine optimisation or SEO, however one thing that is often overlooked is the need to create a lot of pages of content. You have to remember that Google loves content and the more pages of content you have the more keywords you can optimise for, the more optimised pages the more traffic you will get, quiet simple really.

There has been another theory put forward with regards to Google seo and that is the more pages you have the more favour you gain witht the search engines, this is based on the simple premise that more pages equal more value to the end user. This is why it is so important to have a solid page structure so that Google can find all your rich content.

When putting this content onto our pages there are some important factors to consider in terms of Google optimisation. This article is going to explore some on page tips to enhance your google optimisation and help rank your site higher for your main keywords.

The first place you should start with any page is by looking at the linking structure, can the page be found from your home page, how does it link, is there any part of the code restricting search spiders. Once you have gone through these basics you can then turn your attention to the more focused elements.

Once you have decided what keywords you are targeting it is time to input those keywords into your page, the first place to look is your title tag, use this to put the focus straight onto your main keyword phrase. Your title tag holds a lot of weight and is one of the main factors of optimisation, get this wrong and the rest of your page will suffer.

Next you must check that you content is organised correctly, this means your going to need to look at your headings and ensure they contain your main keywords. I would always use slight variations in my headings as you do not want the page to look like spam. Your h1 tag needs to contain your main keyword with you h2 and h3 containing your less focused versions. You should also look to add your variations to your content, between 5 and 7 percent is usual good practice.

If you have images on your page make sure you are making full use of the ALT attribute and just like the headings, use your images near the top of the page to target your main keywords. Google seo is all about content, but not just producing it, you must make sure it is as keyword focused as possible.

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Google SEO and Ranking Tips

When we are discussing Google SEO and Google Rankings what we are really discussing is the ability to rank your site high in Google for a given keyword. There are many aspects to consider when attempting to rank your site highly in Google, it is said that Google takes into account over 200 factors when assessing where a site should rank.

Google SEO is the process of increasing the quality and volume of your website in the Google search engine through search results. If a company wants to stay at the top of Google search engine results, then it has to handle Google requirements and keep up with the changes. There are certain Google SEO rules or certain positives that one can use in order to get higher rankings including:

One of the basic Google rules is to get your chosen keyword in your URL and keeping in mind first word is best and second word is second best or less important.

The second rule is including keyword in domain name or the page name with hyphen and including keyword in title tag at the top of the page. The title tag can be up to 60 characters with no special characters. It can be longer but it is said the first 60 characters provide the most weight.

The keyword density should be 3% to 7% of the total words. Some topics are sensitive so keyword density varies with the topic. The other trick is using keyword proximity. This basically refers to how close your keywords are together.

The keyword prominence is another factor deterring Google SEO ranking. It is important that a keyword is used in bold, in large fonts and at the top of the page. The closer the keyword is to the top of the page, the more weight it will be given for ranking factors.

You must take internal linking into account and the keywords you choose to anchor your links with. Use you chosen keyword when targeting links whether internally or externally. This will increase your on page relevance and help bolster your results.

Also take into account those you link too and those that link to you. Being associated with a spam site is the last thing you need when attempting to rank highly. You may have heard of the term bad neighborhood, well that is what it refers, how Google gets to your site and where it goes when it leaves.

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Tips for Mobile App Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, the core of the success for the app lies in marketing rather than the design or development of the app. A very simple (but well made) app that is cheap to make, but well marketed, could provide better return on investment than a more extensive (and expensive) app that has just been added to the Market.

App marketing requires a multi-faceted approach that is coordinated and coherent. You have to create a great app and consistently promote it through as many channels as possible for a shot at success in the app store ecosystem.

App marketing is an activity that starts even before the real marketing for the app could start. Right at the planning stage, one needs to get in the shoes of a marketer. In this paper we are going to cover the various opportunities for marketing that app developers can use and increase their ROI.

The Pre-Development Stage
The pre-development stage is the base from where you start your journey. It is said that well begun is half -done.

The first step we need is an idea that inspires us. If you yourself don’t have a strong belief of the idea, how would you spread the enthusiasm to other?

Think Novel and Think differently.
When one idea has already become successful, there is minimal chance that a clone too will repeat the success. Nobility, innovativeness and solutions to an existing problem have the best chances to succeed. Hence you should make sure that your app either solves an existing problem or if the problem has already been solved then provide an intuitive or unique solution.


2.Get the Right Team (The Dream Team)
Each actor who is part of your app development process- developer,designer and even the sales team need to be chosen with due diligence. Don’t wait until the last minute to find a developer. Start early and take our time to find the right person or firm. Otherwise it will cost you. Figuratively and literally.

3.User Interface and User Experience

Create a wow app, Everything else will fall into place. The war of apps is fought on user experience. Make sure that you are well prepared. Develop a small but solid app and launch it. Gather feedback. Once you know what the audience liked and yearn for, plan for phase two accordingly. When you focus on brilliant design, your product becomes your marketing.

Online Marketing Techniques

Online Marketing can help you reach to audience worldwide. With up to 100% of your target audience spending most of the time surfing the internet, an online presence and availability is a must have.

The main reason to have a website is to provide an easy way for the users to find you, learn about you and research about you. Even today, people search more on the web (For detail research) than on the phone; phones are majorly used for quick information.

There is ample chance that people will hear your app name and then Google it. Here they need to land on a page that makes them feel comfortable and create confidence to download and try the app. Remember you don’t need a giant website for your business, just a simple site that tells about you, your plans and how app works.


A successful viral video can help brands engage with consumers on a much larger scale than a TV ad, and is much cheaper to produce. Once the video is shared among hundreds and thousands of people,
it becomes “viral”. Viral videos are a great way of getting away from the interruption of pushing messages at people and instead using entertainment and an emotional connection to encourage consumers to pull your message to them.

Video Marketing

Blogging about your app is an efficient and effective way to enhance your profile. The blog should usually describe the overall experience behind creating the app and the enhancements you wish to do. It’s a way to communicate your ideas to your customers and engage them in your business. The followers on your blog are the ready market to reach out.

Turning Consumers to Brand Ambassadors.

Reward influencers
A small number of fans are responsible for a very large percentage of your traffic. These are your influencers, and should be recognized and rewarded for the every time they talk about your brand on any of the social networking sites.

Provide incentives
Every customer wants to feel special, and one way to make them feel special is to give them something exclusive. Bonus levels and reward points will act beneficial in this strategy.

Turn usage into a game
People love to compete and they love to win. That competitive, gaming instinct can drive consumers to share your content and bring lots of new folks back to you.

Let them co-create value
Giving fans the ability to choose which version of a product should be offered, or to vote for the discounts or special offers they want to receive, helps ensure they’ll share it.

Well these are just general Ideas for more details on your App marketing you can contact us or visit our website we will make a compelling digital strategy for your App.

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RIPPLE D.M.E, a squad of young, audacious and unconventional talent, aim at brainstorming simple and holistic ideas to make your brand discoverable, shareable and memorable at real time. From building a trust in a brand to engaging ourselves as ‘Dubbed influencers’, we attempt to typify a virtual ear to online masses consequently becoming an online analogue of marketing buzz.

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App Store Optimization Tips

cover pic
If you are going to build your App & the moment has come, you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into building your app, and you’re ready to launch. Once it finally launches, there is nothing worse than all your hard work translating to disappointing performance. Downloads are stagnant, and what you thought would be a huge success is quickly fizzling out. What happened? Why do some apps take off quickly while others fail?

It doesn’t matter how great your app is if customers can’t find it. Here are some tips for App Store Optimization. Let us start our blog with some points:

What Is App Store Optimization?

For years, developers have used search engine optimization (SEO) to drive more traffic to websites. ASO is similar in strategy; however, instead of driving traffic to a website, it’s focused on driving traffic to your app through increase rankings in app store search results. You can think of ASO as app store SEO.

The primary goal of ASO is to increase the visibility of your app. Once you start driving more traffic to your app page, downloads will naturally start to increase, which will provide additional traction for getting found in search results. But to accomplish this, you must understand the language potential buyers are using to find your app, and then carefully integrate those keywords into your app promotion.

Getting Started With ASO

App store blog 1

Getting started with ASO requires you to stop thinking like a developer and start thinking like your customers. Really think about who you expect, or want, to download your app. And moreover, understand the words they will use when searching for your app. Once you have a grasp on this, it’s important to integrate that information into the right places. Here are a few app store optimization tips to consider:

Step 1: Define the App’s Value Proposition

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details of ASO, start with a clear definition of your app’s value. Answer the following questions:

What problem does it solve?
What features or benefits does it offer?
Does it have a unique competitive advantage compared to similar apps on the market?
To what market does the app cater? Who are your buyer personas?

Step 2: Do Your Homework

Research what’s out there to better understand the current market and how your personas will find your app.

Your mobile audience will likely use similar words and phrases in the App Store as they would in a search engine. Use a keyword tool to gain insight on what your personas are searching for, and what keywords you should you incorporate.

Step 3: Optimize the Title

It’s time to improve your ASO. What’s the first thing a searcher sees when they find your app listing? Answer: the title.

The key to an optimized title is keeping it short, punchy, and relevant. Start off with your app’s brand name, and if it doesn’t already contain a desirable keyword, append a hyphen and at most one keyword that would describe the app.


The key to an optimized title is keeping it short, punchy, and relevant. Start off with your app’s brand name, and if it doesn’t already contain a desirable keyword, append a hyphen and at most one keyword that would describe the app.

Step 4: Write a Strong Description


Similar to the title, you have a limited character count to prove to the searchers your app is the ultimate solution to their problem. Users viewing your app description on a mobile device will see at most a few lines of text before they have to click to view more. If your app’s appeal can’t be simply described in a sentence or two, it might be time to go back to the drawing board and rethink your messaging. Those characters define whether searchers download the app, click for a full description, or keep scrolling to a competitor.

Step 5: Find the Keywords

App store Keyword blog3

A good old keywords tag, you ask? Yes, but it appears Apple is already de-weighting its impact. Expect keywords tag to get phased out altogether as app development becomes even more accessible to a mainstream audience.

Step 6: Icons & Screenshots

app icon blog 4

The visuals you use in your app store listing provide potential users with an idea of what they can expect. You want to make sure that both your icon and app screenshots are visually appealing and eye-catching so that people are drawn to download it. Choose photos that can tell your app story Consider graphics or videos that include both images and text to best explain the app’s functions.

Keep in mind that the visuals are what the users’ eyes are drawn to first – think of your icon and screenshots as your first impression. Best practice with screenshots is to include the most important one first, as that’s what will display first.

Step 7: Publish Reviews & Ratings

App review & rating

Positive reviews about your app have a great role to play in attracting prospective users. In this fast paced world where people are usually pressed for time, they tend to skip detailed analysis and look out for apps that have high rating and positive reviews. Word of mouth is crucial for the success of an app. So make sure your app offers users a delightful experience and make them write reviews for your app by sending push notifications. However, be sure to not annoy the customer and get them to provide feedback at their convenience.

Step 8: Continually Analyze & Test

Once you’ve performed all the above tasks, it’s time to test your app and analyze its performance across operating systems, mobile devices and resolutions. While most of the activities may seem perfect in theory, the true potential of an app is revealed when it is tested and actually used. Search for your app on the app store, verify all the details download the app and check its functionality and see if everything is as per expectation.

Launching an app is one of the easiest steps; what’s challenging is to sustain it in the app store and ensure users have a positive and gratifying experience that results in the growth of the app. ASO, if properly done, can make or break your app. Hence embracing the right ASO strategies is crucial for app developers in this competitive world of apps.
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RIPPLE D.M.E, a squad of young, audacious and unconventional talent, aim at brainstorming simple and holistic ideas to make your brand discoverable, shareable and memorable at real time. From building a trust in a brand to engaging ourselves as ‘Dubbed influencers’, we attempt to typify a virtual ear to online masses consequently becoming an online analogue of marketing buzz.

5 Tips To Improve Your SEO With Help Of Social Media

Most of us connect SEO (search engine optimization) only with content marketing. There’s no doubt that fresh & unique content has an important role in boosting SEO of any website, but now there are different other options also which can help to take your SEO to the top.

Majority of SEO experts consider social network websites as something completely different from Search engine marketing. Of course, you can run a separate social media campaign, but you can ask any SEO Lucknow expert that to get the best results you need to produce an excellent combination of SEO and social media websites.

Your domain authority and brand’s popularity will increase with help a good social media & SEO campaign. Here are 5 tips which will help you to dominate social media websites.

Create A Huge Following For Your Brand

Social media following is considered by for domain authority. For instance, if your business’s page has 10,000 followers on Twitter and 10,000 likes on Facebook then you’ll surely be given higher search rankings and higher authority compared to a competitor company that has 100 followers and 100 likes. By engaging with your audience directly and by regularly posting relevant material, you can easily build your following. Remember, Google can identify, whether your likes and followers are real or spam.

Content Sharing Should Be Priority

Social media websites provide an amazing opportunity to increase the reach of your high quality content. For example, if you have written a blog or article about your brand then just by posting it on social media platforms you can share it with thousands of followers. This way you’ll earn more traffic and get more attention for your website.

Optimize Your Post Keeping Search Engines In Mind

In 2015, Google and Twitter became partners in some sectors, so now your tweets will appear in Google search results. So, it will be a lot better if you optimise your posts to increase their chances of showing up on search results pages. This can be easily achieved by including targeted keywords that tend to bring in more traffic than usual.

Publish Viral Content To Get More Shares

An important factor contributing to your domain authority is the number of retweets and shares you get on social media. For instances, if a particular post which you have shared on social media platforms receives 1,000 retweets or shares then it will increase not only your reputation, but rankings as well. So, you need to create viral content that can go viral easily.

Interact More With Brands That Can Help In Your Business

While planning to optimise your website for local searches, you need to interact with brands that can help in your business on various social media platforms. Search for businesses or companies in your neighbourhood or in industries where you operate. This will surely help you in your SEO campaign.

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