Using The Google Keyword Tool For Google Seo

There are many different theories about creating keyword lists and implementing them into to your google seo strategy. Many pay for expensive keyword tools but for me personally the google keyword tool is as good as any paid versions out there and it is free and simple to use. Compiling keywords is not as straight forward as most people think especially when choosing keywords to optimise your site for google.

When putting your list together there are two things to consider. What are going to be your general keywords, the ones with the high traffic and high competition, and then you have to use these general phrases to pick out different variations, keywords with a good search volume but with much less competition. I know want to show show you how an I personally build a keyword list using the google keyword tool.

To start with I think of the broadest term possible that describes my site. If my site was based on seo I may pick “search engine optimisation”. I would then type this in for a descriptive search using the tool. When my results appear I will scroll straight to the “additional keywords” list, this will be full of high traffic, general keword suggestions I could use as part of my google seo. I will pick 5 to 10 very broad keywords from the list.

In order to get my niche keywords I simply need to look at different variations of the general keywords I have picked out. So I will start with the first general keyword “search engine optimisation” and look down the related terms list. From it I will pick all the variations that describe my product or service. I will perform the same practice on all my general keywords until I have a list of around 100 – 150 phrase variations. For the purposes of google seo you will want to do all of this using an exact match type, this can be changed from the top of the list on the right hand side.

Once I have my full list of keywords, I am going to use the general keywords in my domain, title, meta tags and h tags. These phrases will take a long time to reach optimal positions in google so I am making them the back bone of my google seo. I will use the more niche phrases to create separate pages for my site, each page dedicated to one keyword.

This may sound time consuming but optimising your web pages generally is. There is no quick fix for search engine optimisation, you have to patient and selective, try to do things right the first time around.

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